Pokemon Card Game Scarlet and Violet ex Starter Deck Omakase

ポケモンカードゲーム スカーレット&バイオレット おまかせexスタートデッキ

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This Omakase ex Pokémon trading card game starter deck includes a starter deck at random. There are 10 different decks to collect, including two secret Tera ones!

Get a random either:


  • Grass: Decidueye
  • Fire: Victini
  • Water: Greninja
  • Lightning: Miraidon
  • Psychic: Clefable
  • Fighting: Koraidon
  • Dark: Hondoom
  • Steel: Melmetal

    Or one of the two secret deck:


  • Dragon: Terastallized Dragonite 
  • Normal: Terastallized Greedent

    Each deck includes:

    • 60 Japanese edition Pokemon cards
    • Damage Markers
    Vendor Pokémon
    Weight 110 g
    Licence Pokémon
    Release date 07/2023


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