ALL TIME BEST Ai Yazawa Exhibition - Canned Postcard Set

ALL TIME BEST 矢沢あい展 缶入りポストカードセット

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"Ai Yazawa Exhibition - ALL TIME BEST" Clear File Key Visual

A beautiful set of 20 postcards in a metal box. The box showcases the main illustration of the exhibition, a meeting between Akira Sudō from "Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai" and Nana Ōsaki from "Nana"! On the postcards, you'll find illustrations from "Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai", "Nana", "Neighborhood Story", "Paradise Kiss" and "Kagen no Tsuki".

All products come directly from the Ai Yazawa's ALL TIME BEST Exhibition, that happened in Tokyo during the summer 2022. All products are limited editions and can only be purchased at the exhibition.

Weight 213 g
Line ALL TIME BEST Ai Yazawa Exhibition
Release date 07/2022


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